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About the "Japanese in Anime & Manga" website

Management association

Created and managed by the Japan Foundation, Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai.
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The aim of this site is to give Japanese learners and anime/manga fans from all over the world an opportunity to learn Japanese in an enjoyable way, using the anime/manga they enjoy as a gateway to their studies. We hope to deepen learners' understanding of the Japanese language and culture, and to give an added incentive to study.


Students (and teachers) of Japanese who:
?enjoy Japanese anime and manga
?span a range of ability levels, from beginners to advanced learners
?regularly use computers and the internet

Site features

1) Created with lines actually used by characters in anime and manga works popular overseas as a basis. Users can learn a casual style of Japanese not found in the usual textbooks and dictionaries.

2) With anime-style characters, and explanations given in the form of manga, users can learn through a unique anime/manga view of the world.

3) Users can learn in a fun way through quizzes and games, choosing their own preferred study contents and method, according to their own level and interests.


Character expressions

Users can study expressions (single phrases, grammar, naming terms and pronunciation) distinctive of 8 characters typically found in anime and manga (boy, girl, scrapper, samurai, old man, (elite) lady, butler and Osakan). Content is organised into 3 sections - Character line-up, Character dictionary and Quiz: Whose line? Audio is also included.

Genre expressions

Users can study expressions characteristic of 4 genres (romance, school, ninja, samurai) of anime/manga.

Expressions by scene

Using a manga that depicts a storyline typical of the genre, learners can study single phrases, onomatopoeia and cultural information common in various manga scenes. There is also an onomatopoeia quiz.

Word quiz

Learners can study using quizzes where words used in each genre are categorised by level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Manga examples using each word are included.

Kanji game

Users can learn using a game focussing on the meaning or reading of kanji often found in a particular genre. There are 2 levels: beginner and upper-intermediate.

Using this site you can..

?learn Japanese in a fun way via games and quizzes, with the manga and anime you enjoy used as a gateway to Japanese study.

?learn to enjoy Japanese anime and manga in its original format, as the site can help you understand styles of Japanese not commonly found in textbooks and dictionaries.

?understand more about the variations in language that come with different genres and characters. You'll find it useful in discovering a natural, appropriate style in your own communication in different situations, and with a range of conversation partners.

?progress in your studies while choosing the content and method you find suits your own interests and level of ability.

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